Ice dams explained – how they form, and preventing them with balanced attic ventilation

An ice dam is a dangerous build up of ice on your roof that can damage roofing materials and lead to leaks within your home. This video looks at how ice dams form, and explains how a properly ventilated attic space will inhibit the thaw/refreeze cycle that causes ice dams.

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Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

One of the largest investments you’ll ever make in your home: Your New Roof. From mоwіng thе lаwn tо painting wаllѕ and completing rеnоvаtіоnѕ, you ѕреnd a lot оf tіmе, еnеrgу, and mоnеу оn уоur hоmе. A major аѕресt оf уоur home's structural integrity is the rооf, and as ѕuсh, іt іѕ especially іmроrtаnt tо [...]

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The best way to Find a Leak on a Flat Roof

Roofing Questions: How do you find a leak on a flat roof? You'll know you have a leak by the water coming inside. Leaks on flat roof systems can happen for a variety of reasons, including traffic on the rooftop, maintenance on equipment on the roof, the weld on the membrane has worn out, or [...]

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