Salt City Roofers is determined to do their share, both in business and on the home front, urging local businesses and families to “Do Your Best, Consume Less” in a combined effort to reduce pollution throughout the valley.

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Roofing Contractor Salt Lake City Do your best consume lessTaylorsville, UT, (February 26th, 2013)- After weeks of cold weather and high-impact inversions along the Wasatch Front, owners of Salt City Roofers are looking at what else can be done to reduce pollution and lessen the harmful effects it is having on their family and the community. Although they have options for their customers as far as a roof project is concerned, this is just not enough, they believe. They have infiltrated the concepts into the business and their home stating, “Do your best, consume less!” a catchy theme their employees and children have taken to heart and are actively applying.

They are now urging neighbors, schools as well as fellow local businesses to do the same, “Do your best, Consume less,” inside and outside the home and office. They firmly believe that it takes a strong desire inside an individual to make the right choice, even when no-one is looking, and this concept cannot be achieved until each person makes that choice.

“When I learned the devastating impact of environmental pollution on an unborn fetus, I was in despair. Where was I when I was pregnant? Are my children going to have lifelong healthy problems because of this? It not only hurt my heart, it got me thinking. How can I encourage my family and my community to do the little things?” states Asenath Horton, owner of Salt City Roofers. “Doing their personal best to consume less is a household theme for us. My children feel like stewards of their home and community and masters of their choice to be part of a bigger solution.” But from home to business is not as easy.

“Out in the community, I run into this issue a lot,” states Brock Horton, owner and chief estimator of Salt City Roofers. “When putting down a new system, I have to throw away tons of waste that cannot be recycled. There is no way to avoid that; I do what I can to make my part less impactful.” Some things they do for their customers are offer 50 year roofing systems, saving the equivalent waste-wise to three used up roofs in the dump and approximately the cash of three whole new roofing systems. They also offer ventilation and recyclable material during installation to help reduce energy consumption and minimize waste when it is time to replace a roof.

As part of the initiative to bring this home, they have put together a short list of things people can do for their homes and businesses, along with a downloadable education pieces* for families, educators and businesses, available on the Salt City Roofers website highlighting what it means to “Do Your Best, Consume Less” and how people can begin to do more.

8 things with your family and in your business:

  1. Recycle as much as possible, and teach each big and little person the long-term benefits of recycling. Buy recycled products to show your support.
  2. Turn off the lights, and use natural light whenever possible. Install skylights to allow more light inside.
  3. Shop monthly and in bulk to reduce your waste and garbage output by as much as 50%.
  4. Compost organic matter to be used in a garden or in landscaped areas.
  5. Install insulation and assure there is adequate ventilation throughout your roofing systems to help hold in the heat, but let the building or residence breathe.
  6. Use less water, when possible. Install low-flow faucets, showerheads and toilets or just turn down the water.
  7. Avoid too many trips in the car, slow down and be idle-free.
  8. Create a super-fun, encouraging and engaged culture inside your home or office where each individual has a say in the environmental quality outside, and each person can make a difference.

Find Printable at http://www.saltcityroofers.com/roofing-blog/consume-less-roofing-contractor-utah/

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salt city roofers logoSalt City Roofers, we keep Utah dry, is a Taylorsville, UT based roofing contracting company. Since 2007, they have consistently delivered high quality roofing materials, installation services, and long-term warrantees to residential homeowners along the Wasatch Front. They rank in the top 1% statewide of roofing contractors and hold the highest industry certifications available nationwide. Extremely active in the education community, they were awarded Volunteer of the Year in 2010 through ChamberWest Chamber of Commerce. To find out more about Salt City Roofers, you can find them at www.SaltCityRoofers.com or by telephone at 801-835-1868.

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